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Neethling Brain Instruments

NBI suite of 23 tests is the most comprehensive battery of whole brain profiling instruments available in the world. It has been translated in 16 different languages and is used in over 30 countries. More than 3 lacs brain profiling is already conducted worldwide till date. Knowledge of thinking preference has vast diagnostic power which creates numerous opportunities for self development.

What is Neethling Brain Profile?

The Neethling Brain Profile evaluates the thinking preferences of the individual through a comprehensive diagnostic survey from which a brain profile report is compiled. You take an on-line test, consisting of 30 base questions. Each question has four possible responses (not answers) and you select the responses, in order of personal preference. Instantaneously, a brain profile report is compiled with all the detail of the individual profile and thinking preferences. To see the list of available instruments, please click on 'NBI Profiles'. To know more please see FAQs.

  • Thinking Preferences
  • Understanding Mental Preferences
  • Application of Whole Brain Thinking
  • Whole Brain Thinking
  • Mental Preferences
  • Thinking Preferences
  • Knowing Your Preferences
  • Brain Dominance

Most Popular Instruments

NBI® General Adult instrument

NBI® Parenting Style instrument

NBI® Senior Student instrument

NBI® Golf instrument

NBI® Tennis instrument

NBI® Eating Habits instrument

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Dr Kobus Neethling

Dr Neethling, acknowledged as one of 500 “Leaders of Influence” by the American Biographical Institute, leads NBI with unparalleled passion. What excites us more, is the global team of experts and practitioners that shares in this passion and have chosen to make NBI their own. 

Dr Kobus Neethling developed NBI based on the profiling of more than 200,000 adults and children from a number of countries. Ongoing research at a number of universities and institutes remains an essential part of whole brain science at present.


Understand Yourself

Having a NBI profile of your brain is like having a map for how you think.



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